Mansur Sarami

Mansur  Sarimi (1924-1999)

Santur instrumentalist. He taught himself to play the tar. He made use of Nur‘ali Burumand’s repertoire lessons and the avaz lessons of Ahmad Ibrahimi (b. 1924). His style of performance influenced by Murtaza Mahjubi’s piano performance. Sarimi was invited by Rahi Mu‘ayyiri to perform in the Golha and he was one of the first santur instrumentalists performing in these programmes. He performed in the Golha from 1956-1965 and thereafter he found his way into other Radio and Television programmes. In the Golha his performances include many of his orchestral performances and few of his performances in which he performed either as a soloist or accompanying the vocals. He his fame was actually due more to his performances in Taknavazan (“Soloists”) programs rather than the Golha. No independent album of his has been released. He accompanied Muhammad Riza Shajariyan in the album titled Humayun-Mathnavi (Dilavaz, Tehran 1376/1996).