‏Buzurk Lashkari

Lashgari, Buzurg (b. 1923-)

Violinist and composer. Born into a family of venerable pedigree and deep artistic inclinations, his early masters included his mother and maternal uncle, the maestro Asghar Bahari. His main instructor was Abu’l-Hasan Saba but he also studied with other musicians like Husayn Yahaqqi, Rubik Gregoriyan, and Ibrahim Mansuri. He began performing circa 1945 on Radio Tehran, and from 1950 onwards he performed on Radio Tehran accompanying the most famous female vocalist of the day, ‘Ismat Dilkash. He was also accompanied numerous other female vocalists including Marziya, Ilahi, and Yasamin. His own compositions include original and sweet melodies. He began to perform in the Golha during the 1960s. His compositions attracted the attention of his relative, Murtaza Hannanih, who adopted and arranged them for the Grand Radio Orchestra. Buzurg Lashgari composed and performed numerous compositions for various television orchestras. He is not named as a soloist in any of the Golha programmes, although recordings were made of a number of his violin performances unaccompanied by vocals in the Golha. He ceased all activities in the field of music in 1990. His fame among the younger generation today is mostly due to his work in the realm of commerce: in Tehran he is the authorized dealer in charge of sales for Yamaha pianos and manages the largest commercial centre for this instrument in Iran which has been lately found its way into the homes of middle-class Iranians residing in cities. Recordings have not been made of his solo performances. 


Sayyid ‘Ali Riza Mir‘alinaqi