Simin Ghanam

Simin Ghanim (1948-)

Female vocalist specializing in singing serious (rather than light) Persian popular music. She also sang a number of classical compositions by ‘Ali Tajvidi and Humayun Khurram in the Golha Programmes (1971-75). She made her debut performance at collegiate celebrations and subsequently made a name for herself by performing compositions by Firaydun Shahbaziyan and Babak Bayat. Although her deep, guttural voice was utterly lacking in the modulating vibrato (tahrir) found in Persian classical singing, it possessed a particular operatic power which was brilliantly manifest in a number of works. She currently resides in Canada but at times gives performances in Iran. Her works includes the gramophone record entitled Qullak-i chishat (Your Eyes’ Money Box) composed by Babak Bayat (Tehran: Shabahang 1974). 

Siyamak Bana’i