Ahli Turshizi

Ahli-yi Turshizi, Yusuf (d. 1527), son of Muhammad Shihab, a poet hailing from Tabriz, bearing the nom de plume Ahli, and known as Ahli-yi Khurasani, Ahli-yi Hiravi, Ahli-yi Turani, and Ahli-yi Turshizi, though he has been well-known as Ahli-yi Turshizi since he was born in Turshiz. He composed ghazals in the Indian style and in his poetry eulogized The Timurid Shahrukh and Sultan Husayn Bayqara. After the fall of the Timurids, he went to the court of Sultan Ya'qub in Tabriz. Being a very skillful archer, he trained the youths from that city in archery. He died in Tabriz. His Divan includes 3,500 couplets in the genres of lyrical ghazals and saqi-namih. He completed the long poem entitled Tuhfat al-Sultan fi Manaqib al-Nu'man in 1435 and dedicated it to Shahrukh. It is a translation of a poem in al-Mawahib al-Sharifa fi Manaqib Abi Hanifa by Imam Abu al-Hasan Bayhaqi, the well-known scholar flourishing in the twelfth century.

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