‘Ahdiyya Badiʼi

Badi’i, ‘Ahdiyih (b. 1943), a vocalist who performed in the Golha Programs and other radio and TV programs, Persian movies, including the children’s radio programs. She was raised in a musical family. She began performing in the Barnama Kudak (children’s programs) at the radio in 1958 and went on to perform in the Golha Rang a Rang, Yek Shakh Gol and Golha Tazih programs. She immigrated to Spain in1975 where she continued to pursue her artistic career. In Iran she was a prolific vocalist who led a reclusive life, avoiding the limelight. Her brother, Rahmat Allah Badi’i was an outstanding violinist. She joined the Golha when Javad Ma’rufi was the conductor and director. She performed the vocals of a number of Persian classical compositions arranged by Javad Ma’rufi. Her performances on the Golha rang s rang, Yek Shakhih Gol, and Golha-yi Tazih exceed 50 in number, on some of which she was accompanied by Manuchihr Sakha’i or Iraj. She made a name for herself with performances in over 100 popular movies.