(Banu-) Farah (1927-1997). Vocalist. Her maiden name was Munir Fuladi. She began her musical training at school but it was in mid-1330s/1950s, when the orchestras of Radio Tehran developed at the behest of Nusratu’llah Mu‘iniyan, that she joined Akbar Muhsini’s orchestra and performed in a number of recorded compositions. She also performed in other orchestras conducted by Riza Gulshan Rad and Habibu’llah Salihi. Having made a name for herself by performing in a number of compositions conducted by Akbar Muhsini, the most famous of which include Sitarih (“Star”) and Nayamad (“S/he did not come”), she then was featured as a singer in some of the Gulha programmes. Although the Gulha programmes furthered her meagre fame to some extent, she enjoyed no fame at all during the last two decades of her life. No album was ever released featuring her vocals.