Furughi Bastami

Furughi Isfahani, Abu al-Hasan (1846-1919), son of Muhammad Husayn Dhuka’ al-Mulk Isfahani. A writer, university professor, poet, translator, and journalist born in Tehran. His father was an erudite personality flourishing under the Qajar Nasir al-Din Shah. Having studied under his father, he received his primary and secondary education at Dar al-Funun and Alliance, where he learned French quite well and departed for France. Having returned to Iran, he taught at Dar al-Funun and the School of Political Science and besides providing translation services, he taught geography, history, and natural sciences. Since he had his own methodology in teaching, he established a school for higher education, Dar al-Mu’allimin (Teachers’ Training College) in 1919 and served as its principal. He also directed a journal, Usul-i Ta’limat, which was published by the Education Ministry. After the publication of its sixth issue, he changed its name to Usul-i Ta’lim. Then, he established the Furugh-i Tarbiyat monthly. Having travelled to Europe four times, he served in his last journey as Iran’s plenipotentiary in Switzerland. He was also a member of the Academy of Persian Language and also taught at the University of Tehran. He had mastery in writing in French and was well-versed in Persian and Arabic letters. He was a prose stylist and a poet. He died in Tehran. His works include a collection of poetry; Awraq-i Mushawwash, also entitled Maqalat-i Mukhtalifa (miscellaneous articles); Risala-yi Tajaddud va Milliyyat; Manzuma-yi Shidush va Nahid; Tarikh-i Shu’ara (in collaboration with Muhammad ‘Ali Furughi); Sarmaya-yi Sa’adat ya ‘Ilm va Azadi.

Az Nima ta Ruzigar-i Ma (157-159); Zindiginama-yi Rijal wa Mashahid (5/ 94-95).