Muhit Qumi

Muhit Qummi, Mirza Muhammad (1834-1899), a translator and poet with the nom de plume Muhit and bearing the title Shams al-Fusaha’. Born in Qum, his father was a distinguished religious scholar striving towards the foundation of the Ja’fari school and guiding people. Muhit learned Arabic and literary disciplines in his hometown and Isfahan and made a name for himself among belletrists and scholars for his poetical talents. He also mastered composing chronograms. He was invited to Tehran by Dust’ali Khan Mu’ayyir al-Mamalik, the treasurer under Nasir al-Din Shah, to tutor his son, Dust Muhammad Khan. He composed a poem at the behest of the grand vizier on the occasion of Muzaffar al-Din Shah’s accession to the throne which was well received and was awarded the title Shams al-Fusaha’. He died in Qum and was laid to rest at the Shaykhan Cemetery. His works include Tarjamat al-Haqa’iq, a translation of al-Haqa’iq by Mulla Muhsin Fayz Kashani; and Divan of poetry.

Asar-afarinan (5/ 197); Sukhanwaran-i Nami-yi Iran (5/ 3192-3197).