Jahanpanah, ‘Abdu’llah (1926-1996)

Violinist and composer. He studied music with ‘Ali Riza Khan Changi (the kamanchih master who flourished during the late Qajar period) and performed in different orchestras during his youth. He performed on Tehran Radio programmes between 1940-1977. and besides conducting his own orchestra, he also directed a special orchestra under the supervision of Mushir Humayun Shahrdar (1881-1990), who was a pianist and the Artistic Administration Director of the Music Department of Radio Tehran. He made orchestral performances in the Golha-yi rangarang programmes between 1955-1959, although his own orchestral compositions were not made use of on the Golha programmes. A collection of his compositions was published in the book entitled ‘Abdu’llah Jahanpanah (Tehran: Badraqa-yi javidan 1997). His prominent student, Yusuf Kamiyan (1937-) annotated his version of the repertoire (radif) of classical Persian music and wrote down some of his compositions in music notation.