‏Taqi Ruhani

Ruhani, Taqi (1925-)

One of the early announcers of Radio Tehran active on a full-time basis on numerous cultural, family, political, and artistic programmes. His voice can be heard as an announcer on a number of Golha-yi javidan, Golha-yi rangarang, Barg-i sabz, Yik shakh-i gul, and Qissa-yi Sham‘ programmes, the last of which was directed by Navvab Safa and was devoted to presenting musicians performing on the Golha. His royalist tendencies in a few months following the 1979 revolution led to his being persecuted by hardline fundamentalist groups, as a consequence of which he was found as good as dead in a desert waste outside Tehran. Owing to the numerous wounds and fractures to his head and body, not to mention the amputation of his tongue afflicted on him by those Islamist hoodlums, he was forced to cease all his activities.


Sayyid ‘Ali Riza Mir‘alinaqi