Halati Turkaman

Halati Turkaman Razi, Qasim Beyg (d. 1592), a teacher and poet with the nom de plume Halati, hailing from a Turcoman tribe, who was raised in Tehran. The author of Danishmandan-i Azarbayjan (Scholars from Azerbaijan) records that he was from Tabriz, but such this not seemingly accurate. He departed from Tehran to Qazwin under the Safavid Shah Tahmasb and taught for a while at Shahzada Husayn in that city. He was a distinguished poet under the Safavid Shah Tahmasb and Shah ‘Abbas. His works include his Divan and a qasida titled Shahrashub.


Asar-afarinan (2/ 241); Divist Sukhanvar (74-75).