Sabahi Bidiguli (Kashani)

Sabahi Bigdili Kashani, Haji Sulayman (d. 1791 or 1792), a poet with the nom de plume Sabahi, reportedly hailing from Bidgul, Kashan. He was a poet in the first period of literary restoration and a contemporary of Azar and Hatif. He composed eulogies on Agha Muhammad Khan Qajar and a master and patron of the Poet Laureate Fath’ali Khan Saba Kashani. His Divan includes qasida, tarkib-band, ghazal, and tarana (lyrics). He had mastery of composing elegies and his twelve stanza poem, composed on the model of Muhtasham, is well-known. The year of his death is reported as 1785 and 1813 as well. His tomb is outside the gate of Bidgul, Kashan.

Asar-afarinan (4, 22).